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Tips for Designing an All-Season Deck

When investing time and money into creating the dream deck for your outdoor space, you want to enjoy it all year round. Whether you are sipping a hot chocolate by your deck heater in December or having a barbecue in July, here are some tips for designing an all-season deck that can be utilized to its maximum potential.

Create an All-Season Deck By Adding an Enclosure

Adding an enclosure to your deck can protect you from harsh weather conditions during all seasons. Screen rooms are great options to prevent bugs from getting in while still being able to appreciate the fresh outdoor air. Three-season rooms will also protect you from bugs, rain, and the hot sun and are a comfortable option from spring through fall. Four season rooms tend to be more expensive, however, they allow you to implement a climate-controlled system so you can expand your outdoor living space in all seasons. Visit our blog for more information to find the perfect deck enclosures to suit your needs.

Provide Shade

Even if screens and walls aren’t your things, there are other options to provide shade during those hot summer months. Adding a pergola or awning to your deck can provide additional protection and increase the amount of time you spend outdoors. Pergolas can create enough shade to make a warm afternoon more enjoyable and protect you from inclement weather. Not to mention, pergolas tend to increase your home’s value and create a place to entertain outdoors.

Create Warmth

During the cold winter months, many people will opt to stay indoors. However, if you have the right deck features, you can enjoy the outdoor space as an extension of your home. Consider adding a fireplace or patio heater to make your deck more suitable for those brisk winter days. Just be sure to use these options responsibly; High temperatures unsupervised or too close to your decking surface can cause damage. When used properly, not only will these options keep you warm, but they can also increase the ambiance of your deck, provide an additional entertaining spot, and make for a warm and welcoming gathering space in your outdoor living area. With a deck enclosure, you also have the option of installing an HVAC system.

Use All-Season Deck Boards

PVC deck boards are the most robust and durable decking materials on the market and are sure to withstand the harshest climate conditions. Using TIVADEK PVC deck boards will allow you to enjoy all seasons on your deck without having to worry about damage and require very little maintenance. These deck boards resist scratches, stains, mold, and mildew, all while having natural wood-like colour variants and textures to spruce up the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Feel confident that your deck will withstand the toughest of weather conditions with TIVADEK PVC deck boards and get started on building your all-season deck today. For more information and to find a dealer near you, visit our website.

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