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Backyard Decks as an Extension of Your Indoor Living Space

“If you build it, they will come.”

We understand that many of our clients live in areas of Canada and the United States where patio-season is short-lived, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of the days, weeks and months that you have outside. A good quality deck can even extend the duration of your time spent outdoors, making it a true year-round destination, regardless of where you live.

Making the most of your deck and backyard area starts with loving the space that you have; and when your backyard is more of a headache than a getaway, that can be difficult. When you are spending more time cleaning, sanding and staining, than you are enjoying, that can be a problem. Decks made with Cellular PVC deck boards, like TIVADEK, give homeowners the flexibility to create a space that can be used and enjoyed 12 months of the year, with little maintenance required.

Know What You Want and Need in a Deck

The first thing you should ask yourself and your family is, “What is the primary use of our backyard?” If you are looking for a quiet oasis for two, then we recommend keeping it simple and low-key with a lot of greenery to provide privacy and beauty. If you entertain, you’ll want to build a deck that can accommodate various function uses, i.e. a dining zone, conversation nook, etc… If you have a young family, you’ll want to keep sight-lines open and height in mind.

“Understanding how your deck will be used will help ensure you build something that fits your needs,” says Megan Fangrad, Sales Manager, TIVA Building Products Inc. “If you find that you aren’t using your current outdoor space, ask yourself why. Is it too much of a hassle to maintain, too small, or in need of repair? Those are the most common reasons we hear from people not maximizing their outdoor living space to its fullest. As a company who loves the outdoors, we created our TIVADEK product to withstand even the harshest conditions, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Let’s look at what it takes to create and redefine your outdoor living space.

Step One: Plan, Plan, Plan for your Backyard Decks

The best advice you will ever receive is to plan… and then plan some more. The last thing you want is to invest in a large, likely expensive, project only to find that it doesn’t meet your needs, or has some design flaw that makes you cringe every time you go outside.

When planning, you’ll want to take into consideration access points and entry ways, traffic flow, size of furniture, any fixed items such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, etc… Plan everything out on paper before you start the process and take your time with it. Not only does a little planning help ensure that the deck meets your needs, but that there is as little waste as possible as you build. Nothing is more frustrating than getting halfway through a project, only to have to re-design.

Step Two: Research Your Materialsfor your Backyard Decks

Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to research the materials that can bring your vision to life. Looking at various deck boards, colour options and maintenance requirements will help you decide which materials make sense for your lifestyle. For example, if you prefer low maintenance, you’ll want to look at a product such as our TIVADEK PVC boards. With a solid plastic core and proprietary wrap that is proven to resist staining and fading, there is minimum upkeep required to keep the deck looking great. If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors sanding and staining… you’ll want to choose a wood product such as cedar. With a variety of materials to choose from, you can find something to match your style, budget and vision.

Step Three: Set a Realistic Budget for your Backyard Decks

A beautiful outdoor space not only adds value to your home, but adds WOW power when it comes time to sell. When looking at creating an outdoor space, be sure to set a budget that is realistic and allows you to purchase quality products that will last. This is where your research comes in handy. A space done on the cheap will show, sooner than you might like, and might even end up costing you more in the end as you fix and replace what’s broken. Do it right the first time and avoid future headaches down the road.

Step Four: Add the Finishing Touches to your Backyard Decks

You want your outdoor space to represent the same feel that you have created inside your home, especially when sightlines from inside carry out to the deck area. Think style, colours and overall feel when shopping for not only the finishing touches, but the deck boards as well.

If you have a modern look, create a PVC deck with sharp edges and maybe a more modern and edgy colour, such as the TIVADEK Birchwood or Charwood. If you are more of a traditionalist, look to create a space that offers cozy sitting areas and open sightlines and a PVC deck board with a more traditional wood look, such as TIVADEK Chestnut or Ironwood.

Here’s a tip from the pros… go with a neutral colour PVC deck board and bring in bright colours through cushions, rugs and accessories. This is a great way to give your overall look a fresh twist and a relatively inexpensive way to change the look from season to season.

Plus, always take a look at your outside space from the entryways. Look at creating that WOW moment that has your guests falling in love at first sight with your outdoor space. Hopefully when they ask, you’ll let them know you used TIVADEK and you wouldn’t even consider using anything else for your Backyard Decks.

Happy Building your Backyard Decks!

At TIVA Building Products, we invested years in plastics’ research, development and testing. We took time to focus on quality, performance and features. And then we took more time to perfect them. When you purchase any of our TIVA Building Products, you can rest-assured that you can enjoy your deck for years to come with little maintenance required. All enjoyment, little work. That’s the TIVA promise.

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