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The Best Winter Deck Enclosures

The arrival of winter brings the determination to stay outside and use your deck as long as you possibly can despite the cooling temperatures. In the summer, bugs, rain, and scorching sun can also prevent you from enjoying your deck. What if there was a solution that would allow you to enjoy your backyard deck year-round? How would you feel about adding an enclosure to your existing deck? Deck enclosures can protect your deck from the elements and allow you to spend time on your deck year-round.

Considerations to Make

Much like when you are first building a deck, you will want to think about how your deck will be used throughout the seasons. Keeping your deck’s primary use in mind will help you narrow down the options that work best for your deck. If you haven’t built your deck yet, you have even more flexibility in determining the best enclosure for your outdoor space. Some more factors to consider before selecting a deck enclosure include determining where the roof-line of your home is, determining if there are any obstructions in the way like windows or balconies, and do you want to change the looks of your deck? Once you have considered your answers to these questions, you can move on to selecting an enclosure.

Which Types of Deck Enclosures Are Best?

There are four main types of enclosures to choose from. A screen room allows you to prevent insects and enjoy the outdoor air. A three-season room offers additional weather protection and will also keep bugs out. Three-season rooms can keep you comfortable from spring to fall. A four-season room creates a climate-controlled system that allows you to use your deck year-round. Finally, a solarium allows you to feel surrounded by nature with its standard floor-to-ceiling views. Solariums are designed to be heated and cooled for use year-round.

For Winter: The Answer Is Four-Season Rooms & Solariums

If you live in a cold climate and are hoping to enjoy your deck year-round, the two permanent solutions you should consider are four-season rooms and solariums. Solariums are encased in glass and protect you from the winter elements. Solariums can stay warm from sun rays alone that naturally penetrate the glass and heat the room. Four-season rooms are a great solution because they feature insulated, double-paned windows and doors. Either of these options is good for creating a space you can use year-round that can comfortably be cooled or heated without harming the frame.

Stay Warm All Winter With Deck Enclosures

The best method of keeping warm on your deck during winter is to connect the enclosure room’s vents to your heating, air conditioning, ventilation system. This method is available for both four-season rooms and solariums. You can increase your home’s overall square footage as it creates year-round livable space.

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