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TIVA creates 122 new jobs with a $8.3 million investment

TIVA Building Products Corp., a leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking company dedicated to creating premium and innovative building products, has announced plans to establish operations in Barnwell County in South Carolina. The $8.3 million investment will create 122 new jobs in the area.

CEO and founder Terry Fangrad said that they are excited to establish a manufacturing facility in Blackville. “We look forward to creating jobs and building long-lasting relationships with the local community. We intend to use this facility as the launchpad for our expansion and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you to South Carolina and Barnwell County for this warm welcome, and we can’t …

TIVA South Carolina Factory

TIVA Building Products Expands Manufacturing Into The U.S.

For additional information contact:
Mike Kunard, TIVA Building Products or 612-741-4310


United States—South Carolina, February 7, 2022. TIVA Building Products, Mississauga, Ontario an industry-leading manufacturer of PVC decking and dock products has purchased 36 acres and over 50,000 square foot production facility in South Carolina. The existing facility will undergo power supply improvements, multiple extrusion line installations, and office space to be operational for the second half of 2022.

“We have evaluated US manufacturing facility sites for quite some time and knew even at the start of our business 7 years ago it was never a matter of if but when” said Terry Fangrad, CEO of …

Trick or Treat! Don’t Lose Your Way in the Dark

Trick or Treat, Your Way to the Best PVC Decking

Happy Halloween – with a little preparation, you can make sure your TIVADEK is the best PVC decking for Halloween fun!

The night can be long, dark, and full of surprises. This goes double for a Halloween night. While some spooky encounters are must for this annual event, some surprises we can go without – sprained ankles, crying toddlers, and injuries small or large. We can keep our party-goers and costumed trick-or-treaters safe by taking some precautions and limiting surprises.

Tips to Keep your PVC Deck Boards Safe for Trick or Treaters

Line your pathways with gravel or sand

For a pathway leading up to your door, you may want …

Protect your Deck with Waterproof Deck Coatings

Protecting the sub-structure decks with waterproof deck coatings can be an overlooked part of the deck building process.

There have been many innovations over the years in the design of structures to ensure even more strong and long-lasting structures to support our modern lifestyles in indoor and outdoor living. From houses, to decks, and other facilities, our buildings stay healthier and are longer-lived. Yet, the substructure of a deck continues to be overlooked and is one of the least-loved segments of a deck.

The substructure goes often unnoticed since it is for the most part, hidden from view. What is the point in ensuring a healthy substructure when it won’t …

Deck Boards Ready for Winter

Get your PVC Dock and Deck Boards Ready for Winter

Winter is just around the corner – a little fall preparation for your Deck Boards Ready for Winter will help protect them from whatever winter blows our way! Whether it’s for your home backyard deck, or your Muskoka docks in cottage country, winter affects all of our structures. TIVADEK PVC deck boards are made of strong, stable and durable PVC with patented core technology. While our TIVADEK and TIVADOK products are made to maximize enjoyment and minimize maintenance, a little preparation will help keep them looking and performing their best.

Unless you want to be rushing about in the cold, now is the time to winterize your deck and …

Working With to Your Deck Contractor

Working With Your Deck Contractor

There are many reasons to hire deck contractors to bring your backyard deck ideas to life. A good deck contractor can be a reliable aid in determining the best materials and execution to transition your ideas into a blissful reality. But deck contractors are not minded readers. Once you find an experienced and trusted deck contractor, you will need to communicate exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Many Deck Contractors also have an Eye for Design

Be prepared to consult with your deck contractor on your backyard deck ideas in every aspect that you can, PVC deck boards and all. Not only will a contractor be able …

Cleaning Tree Sap from Your PVC Deck Boards

Cleaning Tree Sap from Your PVC Deck Boards

Deck contractors and homeowners alike know the problem when it comes to cleaning tree sap, a sticky substance that hinders the enjoyment of backyard and dockside living.  Sap gets in the way of many enjoyable things in life. It attracts bugs, stains clothes, and ruins paint jobs on cars. If you have taken to walking on your PVC deck boards barefoot or in socks, you can end up with sticky sap on your feet. Or for those who like to relax and do their yoga on their Muskoka docks, the sap on PVC dock decking might stain their yoga gear. Then there are your pets. A beloved pet may not …

Why a Contractor is a Good Idea

Why a Deck Contractor is a Good Idea

There are many reasons to hire deck contractors to bring your backyard deck ideas to life. A good deck contractor can be a reliable aid in determining the best materials and execution to transition your ideas into a blissful reality. A good deck contractor can give you a realistic idea of the costs associated with your backyard deck ideas, and help to create it within your budget. Whether you are looking to save money on the overall costs on the best building products, looking to save time with the use of high-quality industrial tools, or saving yourself from the stress of fixing a botched project with PVC deck boards, …

Tiva Best PVC Deck

The Joys of a TIVADOK

Good morning! You wake up and look out the window on your TIVADOK to see the white sunlight accompanied by a blue sky and sparse fluffy clouds. It’s a beautiful day out again. The perfect day, in fact. You wiggle your toes, and let a stretch extend throughout the length of your body before you clench and unclench your fingers. Hurry now, there’s no time to lose!

Feel  Classic Wood-Grain Emboss

Donned in your favourite relaxation-station attire, you grab a simple breakfast and walk it out to the dock. The dock boards’ classic wood-grain emboss feels pleasant on your skin as you walk across it; the morning dew has not …

What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

At TIVA Building Products, we don’t opt for cheap, easy, or short-lived solutions when it comes to making the best PVC deck boards. We only use the highest quality materials, to make the strongest type of deck boards. This means that they are all ASA capstock covering a solid board made of 100% virgin PVC. After years of testing, we were able to release the best PVC deck material Canada has to offer to homeowners everywhere. A strong deck means a strong relaxation game and even less maintenance than a composite deck! With thick ASA capstock, higher quality materials, and industry-shattering innovations, you can count on TIVADEK for the highest …