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Deck design tips for your ultimate outdoor space

Deck Design Tips for Your Ultimate Outdoor Space

Designing a brand new deck can be an intimidating process for a beginner or even someone with previous building experience. Selecting the best deck design is ultimately up to who will be using it and what the purpose of the deck will be. Determining the primary use of your deck is an essential first step in the deck design process. Will you be using your backyard deck to entertain guests? Do you have pets or children? Do you plan on using your deck year-round? Once you determine the primary use of your deck you can move forward to the following tips to design your dream backyard deck.

Select Your Deck Type

A deck can be considered an outdoor platform that is often elevated and not enclosed. With that in mind, there are different deck types. A free-standing deck is a deck that must be unattached to other structures, like a house. An attached deck includes any deck that is, connected to a house or an accessory structure. Of course, you can also choose to build a covered or screened porch. A porch and a deck are similar, but a porch usually has a roof and is partially enclosed, while a deck is open. Deciding on the deck style you want can help you determine many other details.

Lighting Is Key

While you might build a deck that is free-standing and has no roof covering, you should still treat a deck as though it will be a second living room. Treating your deck as a living room means you will want to prioritize selecting appropriate lighting. Lighting can help you use your deck at night, increase home security, and it will look great! There are so many great lighting options to consider for your deck, such as rope lighting, bench lights, stair lights, or cordless LED lamps, to name a few. A well-lit deck can make your space go from looking okay to amazing!

Don’t Forget the Sun!

If you can, it is best to try to design a deck with a shady and sunny section. If you want an outdoor space that is usable and comfortable, no matter the time of day, weather, or what you are using your deck for, prioritize having shady and sunny sections. Having natural shade will eliminate the need for additional furniture or accessories like umbrellas to help you create the same effect.

Make It Large

Depending on how big your backyard is and how much space you can devote to your deck, try to make it as large as possible. Of course, this is subjective and based on budget, how you will use your deck, and how it compliments your home. When in doubt, it is best to create a deck that is too large than too small. It is unlikely that you would regret having the extra space.

What If My Deck Is Small?

You can still have a small deck that is functional and looks great. Consider, when working with a small space include keeping it open, uncluttered and on one level to make the most of the space. A good design tip is to run the deck boards perpendicular to the longest side of the deck (rather than horizontal to the longest side) to give the appearance of a larger space.  

Most Importantly – Consider The Materials

The most important deck design tips to take into consideration is not related to the look of your deck but involves the materials you use to build your deck in the first place. TIVADEK by TIVA Building Products is the best PVC decking available on the market. Unlike natural wood or composite deck boards, TIVADEK requires little to no maintenance because it is resistant to the elements (even UV resistant), mildew, and physical damage. TIVADEK is available in three different colour series options (Designer, Architectural, and Modern) so, there is an option suitable for any deck style. If you want a deck that lasts for years, make sure you build it with the best PVC deck boards.

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