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Deck-orating for the Winter

Your outdoor deck doesn’t have to be used just in the summertime. Deck-orating is a great way to make it cozy and inviting for the whole winter season. Considering many are working from home this year, it can be difficult to make time to get outside when the winter months arrive. With some Christmas lights and decorative touches, your family will be sure to sneak outside and enjoy a nice hot chocolate cozied up in a blanket on your outdoor deck.

Setting Up the Space

If you have a deck made out of PVC deck boards, the nice part about the winter season is that you don’t have to worry about any physical damage to the surface of your deck. You can instead focus the time that you would otherwise spend on winter deck maintenance on ensuring a cozy look and feel outdoors! Since you know that your deck can withstand all four seasons, why shouldn’t you maximize your outdoor living space to the fullest and enjoy it all year-round?

To start off, set up the space in a way that you know will be functional for the winter. For example, you may want to get rid of those summer plants or find patio furniture that can withstand the winter months. Add some cozy cushions and outdoor blankets to captivate the perfect winter night. Another recommendation to stay warmer during the cool seasons is to add an outdoor patio heater. Be sure to use any source of heat with caution, as using one irresponsibly on high heat could result in damaged deck boards of any kind. Knowing that you can stay warm while you’re enjoying your outdoor space will surely encourage you to go out there more often. Even if you just have a pergola over your deck, you can stop the wind from being so harsh while you’re sitting outside.

Begin Deck-orating

Once you’re happy with how your space is laid out – now comes the fun part. Decorating! The perfect way to brighten up your outdoor space is with lights. Stringing Christmas lights along your deck railing, or hanging outdoor bulb lights from your pergola are great ways to not only brighten up your backyard but also bring a cozy feel to your deck. Consider adding garland or even a small Christmas tree and wrap it with lights or ribbon to add some greenery to your space. You can even decorate with some pine cones, cedar branches, and winter berries to make for a rustic evergreen display. Top it off with a wreath and some warm blankets and pillows to make for a dream winter oasis!

Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration to get deck-orating and use your deck to its fullest potential all year round! Go enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air in your winter outdoor living space. If you are looking for deck options that have easier maintenance, and higher durability during the winter seasons, check out TIVADEK. When building a deck made with the best PVC deck boards, you can be confident that your deck will withstand the winter months and remain intact come the spring. If you would like to learn more about our deck material options, visit our website.

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