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5 Deck Trends to Follow in 2021

With this year coming and going – and being a crazy year to say the least – many people are looking for fresh starts and new trends to add to their homes. Nice weather is just a few months away now in Canada and it is a great time to start thinking about building or upgrading your deck so you can enjoy the warm months to their fullest! Here is a look at 5 deck trends that we think you should look into this upcoming year.

1. Natural Wood Tones & Borders

One of our favourite deck trends for 2021 – we are seeing a number of people purchasing boards for their deck that have natural wood-like colour tones. Since actual wood isn’t the best option for durability, many people are investing in composite or PVC deck boards that have an earthy, wooden undertone. Many homeowners are also loving multi-coloured decks and are choosing darker colours for their deck borders and stairs. This gives off a bold and sharp look that is authentic to your deck.

2. Indoor to Outdoor

With people having to spend so much time during 2020 indoors, more people are starting to appreciate the importance of having an outdoor area that acts as an extension of your indoor space. Adding comfy patio furniture and matching your outdoor aesthetic to your indoor space is a great way to extend the use of your deck. Some people may even want to add an outdoor television, or a patio covering; that way you are able to optimize the use of your outdoor space as much as possible!

3. Emphasize with Lighting

People are moving towards more modern, clean decks that are used as an extension to your indoor space. In order to make this space as inviting and cozy as possible, adding proper lighting to your deck is an absolute need. Whether it’s with lanterns or bulb string lights that you hang around your deck, adding lighting elements will be sure to add style and function to your outdoor space. Set the ambiance and make your outdoor deck an enjoyable space for you and your guests.

4. Rooftop Decks

Who doesn’t love a good rooftop patio? Not only is it great for sunlight and a nice view, but it also helps with maximizing your space down below and having a house feature that really stands out and brings value to your home. Rooftop patios are becoming increasingly more popular as more people are trying to build decks off of their second level or above their garage. When doing this, homeowners and/or contractors do have to take into account drainage and ventilation options before they start the installation process.

5. Here For a Long Time

Last on our list of deck trends – when building a deck, you want to make sure it is able to last. They are a big investment and especially when living in Canada you want to make sure your deck can withstand the winter months. Many people choose to invest in composite decking, however, if you want to ensure your deck is strong, durable, and more resilient than wood – TIVADEK’s PVC deck boards are the way to go. With PVC deck boards, you can be confident that your deck will last even in the harshest weather conditions, with little to no maintenance. Investing in a good quality deck can actually cut down on costs that you will incur over a longer period of time.

For more information on TIVADEK’s PVC deck boards and to take advantage of the latest deck trends, visit our website.

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