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Embossments on the Rise

Embossments on the Rise

When choosing the best PVC decking, there is a lot more to consider than just the colour: strength, how the board is manufactured, as well as the embossments. The embossments on the Rise on any particular board can create a look that is either authentic or uncanny, depending on how well it is made. Luckily, PVC deck boards have come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 2000s. There are many more options and styles available now, and as of late, more realistic designs. However, if you’re looking for the absolute best PVC deck material available, then it is best to stick with premium products such as those provided by TIVA Building Products. TIVA Building Products has three unique embossment styles available for PVC deck boards with each showcasing a different aesthetic and an appearance that’s true-to-nature.

Weathered Wood

The Weathered Wood embossment found on TIVADOK’s Dockside line has a gracefully matured look, as if the wood has lived through years of sun, waves, wind, and wear. It achieves this with many fine, delicate lacerations across the board – as though made slowly over a long period of time. When laid out side-by-side on a dock or deck, it captures the essence of a beautifully aged, tried-and-true lakeside Muskoka dock. It is absolutely perfect for rustic homes or cottages! If you’re after beautiful PVC dock decking, the Dockside line by TIVADOK is the way to go.

Embossments Give Classic Style

The Classic embossment found on all of our TIVADEK Architectural and Designer line PVC deck boards is a beautiful way to make your new decking the star of any outdoor space. Authentic and classy, this embossment style replicates the organic flow of grain from various hardwoods found in nature. It is deep and textured, creating a perfect anti-slip grip – and the deep ridges allow for natural highlights and lowlights to be made in the decking as the sun passes over it. This type of PVC deck board is perfect for creating timeless, elegant spaces. Inspired by nature, the Classic embossment looks luxurious and stunning in any setting.

Rustic Looking Embossments

The Rustic embossment found in our Modern line of PVC deck boards looks as though it’s been washed with a thin layer of vivid paint (in this case, pure white Birchwood or jet black Charwood) to create a chic sheen over raised grain. This type of embossment is especially popular for making borders and stairs pop, but also makes for stunningly bold and glossy decks! If you are looking to make a statement or add some modern-rustic flare to your home, these PVC deck boards are a sure way to generate that zing. Use them to contrast the textured look of Classic or Weathered Wood embossed PVC deck boards by picture-framing a deck or dock, or by dividing and separating different sections of your outdoor space. One of our more adventurous clients crafted a glossy all-black deck with the Rustic embossment, and we can’t get enough of it!

While it can be difficult to choose the style of decking that’s right for you, TIVA Building Products is always striving to make that choice a little simpler by offering the best deck material to pick from. With new innovations around every corner, we are proud to consistently offer premium decking solutions. We aim to continue providing the most fabulous deck materials Canada has to offer, and can’t wait to be a part of your next big project or DIY.

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