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Tiva Deck PVC High End Decking

Enjoy the Rain on Your New Deck or Dock

Rain or Shine

Do you know how to take advantage of a rainy day on your deck? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably the most excited at the prospect of a warm and sunny day. However, spring is fast-approaching, and there are many things to enjoy during this rainy season as well. Let’s make the most of it by enjoying our time outside and soaking up the scenic sights that only a rainy day can provide!

Weather the Storm: PVC Deck vs. Composite Deck

Be prepared! When setting out to research the best outdoor decking materials for the highly anticipated backyard paradise, many homeowners forget about the less exciting but critically important substructure that will support their outdoor decking. Building a substructure is a lot of hard work! Rather than let it rot and go to waste in a short amount of time, make sure it always stays healthy and strong for years to come (this will help ensure strong and beautiful outdoor decking as well)! Waterproof tape does not provide a perfect seal. When the tape is punctured by nails and screws, it opens up new space for moisture to enter and weaken the wooden substructure. This is especially bad when preparing for outdoor decking. To avoid this, a waterproof deck coating can be applied to the substructure to create a stronger, longer lasting seal! A waterproof deck coating will expand and contract with the wood of the substructure as the temperature and humidity attempt to warp it. If your main concern is responsibly maintaining the cost of your deck, then consider the TIVACOAT waterproof deck coating by TIVA Building Products, as this waterproof deck coating is more cost-efficient than taping!

Many who are new to deck design and deck building assume that PVC deck boards and composite deck boards are one and the same. However, there are many advantages to building your deck with PVC vs. composite decking. Unlike composite, PVC deck boards contain no natural fibers which can be prone to mold, mildew, rotting and splitting. A virgin PVC deck board is also stronger and more durable than decking made with pre-used materials, and allows for greater consistency in quality. Build a flat and solid substructure, protect it with the TIVACOAT waterproof deck coating, and lay down the most weather-resistant outdoor decking and PVC deck boards (such as TIVADEK by TIVA Building Products) to enjoy a deck that will last for decades.

Rain On and Stay Dry

Accessorize appropriately, and consider these elements when planning out the space and design of your PVC deck. Shelter yourself from the rain with pergolas, umbrellas, and trees! When organizing your space, try imagining where you would like to sit during inclement weather and arrange these cover-providing structures accordingly. You may want a pergola over top of a number of chairs for loved-ones to join you in your rain-watching or you may want a small table, chair, and umbrella for one to enjoy the sights on a small balcony or patio. Consider adding wind chimes and pinwheels to take advantage of a breezy, stormy day and add some extra charm. If you live somewhere particularly rainy, consider moisture-loving greenery to provide shelter for wildlife, and watch it thrive during and after a rainfall! Birdbaths, toad-homes, and ponds also offer extraordinary elements to a lovely rainy weather scene.

Live in the Moment with Your New PVC Deck

Be thankful for all that the rain does. The rain is wonderful for many things, and we often take for granted all that it does for us. Most of us know that it will save us a day of laboring in the garden (which is already a great benefit it itself!), but it also makes other aspects of outdoor living that much more enjoyable. Wildlife will be a little bit more active than usual during or after a rainy period. You may enjoy watching finches splashing and bathing in puddles, toads emerging from the mud, or fish while they are feeding. Consider adding a pond and birdbath to get the most out of the wildlife around you! If you enjoy frogs and toads, you can make an attractive home for amphibian visitors by burying a terracotta pot half-deep on its side in the ground. Your new visitors will love to rest in this sheltered area, especially if cool and wet! Last but not least, there are plenty of things to enjoy about the wind and rain on its own. A gentle breeze brings fresh air, the humidity is good for the skin, and the sound of raindrops makes for a soothing and relaxing natural ambience for some self-guided meditation, or to enjoy a hot beverage with.

Redefining Outdoor Living

TIVADEK PVC deck boards and the TIVACOAT waterproof deck coating are both great choices for those who want their outdoor decking to last and last through every season. Use them together to get the most out of your outdoor decking in any weather. TIVADEK PVC deck boards look stunning in the rain, too! How do you make the most out of inclement weather? Let us know @TIVADEK on Instagram or Facebook!

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