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Outdoor Spaces That Resist Water

Outdoor Spaces That Resist Water

Spring is here, and many backyard deck projects are being fully realized at this time of year. From deciding on the best decking materials and creating a floor plan, to actualization and constructing a high-quality outdoor space, it’s important to keep in mind how your deck will protect itself all year round for decades or a lifetime to come. Something every outdoor space including backyard decks must contend with regardless of where you live, is its ability to weather condensation, moisture in the air, and precipitation of any form. Snow, hail, rain, fog, and morning dew all pose a long-term threat to the health and well-being of any outdoor structure. So how do the contractor and homeowner work together to contend with this ever-present threat? PVC deck boards and construction theory have both come a long way in terms of development and technology. Unlike what was available even one decade ago, one can now acquire premium building materials that look realistic, successfully resist fading, and resist damage from moisture. They even require little to no maintenance when installed properly.

Prepare the Best PVC Deck Boards

Be aware when you are shopping for the best decking material. Many composite products are hollow, have scalloping, or ridged sides. This is usually done to reduce the weight of the board, as well as the overall cost of the product. However, it only provides a disservice to the board itself, as it lowers the strength and structural integrity of the board. It also creates more nooks and crannies – excessive surface area to hold and trap moisture and debris, allowing for increased potential decay to occur over a long period of time. On top of this, composite boards include natural materials and fibers which are already prone to mold, decay, and rot. For the best decking materials Canada has to offer, consider a long-lasting one that resists the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to moisture: a strong solid PVC deck board made of 100% PVC. TIVADEK by TIVA Building Products also has a 4-sided ASA cap to provide enhanced protection to the PVC core. With these features, it’s safe to say that if you’re seeking the best PVC decking, TIVA Building Products has a varied and luxurious selection of TIVADEK PVC deck boards to choose from.

Challenge the Norm of Taping

Many backyard deck enthusiasts forget about the often hidden substructure that supports their decking. Especially when one is going to great lengths to acquire the best decking Canada has to offer, it’s important to make sure that your backyard deck lasts a long time with a properly protected substructure. For pieces that cannot be made with water-resistant or water-proof materials (such as the ultra-important substructure), a protective water-resistant coating such as TIVACOAT by TIVA Building Products can help to maintain the longevity better than taping. Decking substructures are often built with pressure-treated wood and lumber. Many homeowners and contractors will reach for tape to shield the top surfaces of the wooden materials from rain. However, once nails, screws, and other fasteners are driven through the wooden substructure, it is inevitable that they will also puncture the tape. This allows for entry ways to be made through the tape, and into the porous natural fibers of the wood for moisture to saturate and wreak havoc on. To get around this, consider using a waterproof coating that can be painted or rolled onto the wood, such as TIVACOAT by TIVA Building Products. The coating is completely waterproof, and is elastic enough to stretch and contract with your wooden substructure as temperatures change and time wears on.

Ensure You Have a Plan for Success

Whether you are building your deck on your own, or hiring a professional contractor to help, it is best to create a plan and go over it to make sure it’s perfect. The quality of the finished product greatly reflects the quality of the plan that was laid out before it, and how well that plan was carried out during construction. When designing your deck, remember to take into account the level of the ground where you will be building. It is also important to allow for spacing between boards to accommodate the passing of rainfall and snow to move through the boards. This will prevent puddles and a buildup of unsightly debris and moisture sitting for long periods of time on your deck and substructure. Think of rain, snow, and wet fall leaves when considering the spacing of your boards. A contractor can help determine the best distance for your needs, and find a look that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

Weather-proofing is easy when you start thinking about it from the planning stage of creating your outdoor paradise and backyard deck. Planning for this ahead of time can save money, maintenance, and improve the longevity of your backyard deck. Plan and build it so that it will last for decades or a lifetime, and you’ll find that you won’t be pouring money and effort into maintaining it or much worse: replacing it down the line. Let us know @TIVADEK on Instagram or Facebook!

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