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Protect your Deck with Waterproof Deck Coatings

Protecting the sub-structure decks with waterproof deck coatings can be an overlooked part of the deck building process.

There have been many innovations over the years in the design of structures to ensure even more strong and long-lasting structures to support our modern lifestyles in indoor and outdoor living. From houses, to decks, and other facilities, our buildings stay healthier and are longer-lived. Yet, the substructure of a deck continues to be overlooked and is one of the least-loved segments of a deck.

The substructure goes often unnoticed since it is for the most part, hidden from view. What is the point in ensuring a healthy substructure when it won’t make your deck more impressive or beautiful?

However, many modern decks now outlive their substructure.

We tend to only recognize the importance of the substructure once it fails us, rotting and breaking down prematurely. A Substructure must be strong and sturdy since it is constantly under stress. Stress from the weather, stress from activity, and the stress from its own weight are constantly fighting to break it down.

TIVACoat: waterproof coating for all types of wood

Whether your decking substructure is made of pressure-treated spruce or pine, or MDF, you can protect it with a waterproof deck coating such as TIVACOAT!

By using a waterproof deck coating, you can give your substructure a shield to help protect itself from the forces of stress. The only option to protect your substructure has been tape for many years. Tape, while useful, has a lot of inadequacies to be improved upon. It does not move with the growth and shrinking of wood, and does not create a perfect seal, especially once it is penetrated with nails.

How to apply waterproof deck coatings

A waterproof deck coating is a liquid latex-like substance. Roll it on to the substructure or any hidden surfaces that will need protecting. Apply it like you would with paint, and watch it dry. Since the waterproof deck coating is applied as a liquid, it conforms to the shape of the wood perfectly.

TIVACOAT contains no solvents and is non-flammable. It has excellent UV, adhesion, and chemical resistance making it suitable for most outdoor applications. Apply it to your substructure, ledgers, beams, joists, and posts. Reseal the can and store in a location that is safe from freezing temperatures. This way, your waterproof deck coating can be stored and re-used on an as-needed basis.

An outdoor deck will always run the risk of being exposed to the elements. For a strong deck that will last the test of time, choose TIVADEK from TIVA Building Products.

While it can be difficult to choose the style of decking that’s right for you, TIVA Building Products is always striving to make that choice a little simpler by offering the best deck material to pick from. With new innovations around every corner, we are proud to consistently offer premium decking solutions.

We can’t wait to be a part of your next big project or DIY. Visit our website to learn where to buy TIVADEK. While you’re there, check out our PVC dock decking – the best PVC decking to choose for your next Muskoka dock project!

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  1. Protecting the deck’s substructure with waterproof coatings is a smart move. It’s easy to underestimate its importance until problems arise. TIVACoat seems like a convenient solution, offering effective protection. This article highlights the significance of substructure care for a long-lasting deck. Thanks for the valuable information.


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