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Trick or Treat! Don’t Lose Your Way in the Dark

Trick or Treat, Your Way to the Best PVC Decking

Happy Halloween – with a little preparation, you can make sure your TIVADEK is the best PVC decking for Halloween fun!

The night can be long, dark, and full of surprises. This goes double for a Halloween night. While some spooky encounters are must for this annual event, some surprises we can go without – sprained ankles, crying toddlers, and injuries small or large. We can keep our party-goers and costumed trick-or-treaters safe by taking some precautions and limiting surprises.

Tips to Keep your PVC Deck Boards Safe for Trick or Treaters

Line your pathways with gravel or sand

For a pathway leading up to your door, you may want …

Working With to Your Deck Contractor

Working With Your Deck Contractor

There are many reasons to hire deck contractors to bring your backyard deck ideas to life. A good deck contractor can be a reliable aid in determining the best materials and execution to transition your ideas into a blissful reality. But deck contractors are not minded readers. Once you find an experienced and trusted deck contractor, you will need to communicate exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Many Deck Contractors also have an Eye for Design

Be prepared to consult with your deck contractor on your backyard deck ideas in every aspect that you can, PVC deck boards and all. Not only will a contractor be able …

Why a Contractor is a Good Idea

Why a Deck Contractor is a Good Idea

There are many reasons to hire deck contractors to bring your backyard deck ideas to life. A good deck contractor can be a reliable aid in determining the best materials and execution to transition your ideas into a blissful reality. A good deck contractor can give you a realistic idea of the costs associated with your backyard deck ideas, and help to create it within your budget. Whether you are looking to save money on the overall costs on the best building products, looking to save time with the use of high-quality industrial tools, or saving yourself from the stress of fixing a botched project with PVC deck boards, …

Tiva Best PVC Deck

The Joys of a TIVADOK

Good morning! You wake up and look out the window on your TIVADOK to see the white sunlight accompanied by a blue sky and sparse fluffy clouds. It’s a beautiful day out again. The perfect day, in fact. You wiggle your toes, and let a stretch extend throughout the length of your body before you clench and unclench your fingers. Hurry now, there’s no time to lose!

Feel  Classic Wood-Grain Emboss

Donned in your favourite relaxation-station attire, you grab a simple breakfast and walk it out to the dock. The dock boards’ classic wood-grain emboss feels pleasant on your skin as you walk across it; the morning dew has not …

What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

At TIVA Building Products, we don’t opt for cheap, easy, or short-lived solutions when it comes to making the best PVC deck boards. We only use the highest quality materials, to make the strongest type of deck boards. This means that they are all ASA capstock covering a solid board made of 100% virgin PVC. After years of testing, we were able to release the best PVC deck material Canada has to offer to homeowners everywhere. A strong deck means a strong relaxation game and even less maintenance than a composite deck! With thick ASA capstock, higher quality materials, and industry-shattering innovations, you can count on TIVADEK for the highest …

Relax in Comfort- PVC Myths

Relax in Comfort: PVC Safety Myths

Are you new to the world of decking materials? That’s ok! Most homeowners are making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase when they are considering alternatives to wooden decking (such as PVC decking), and it’s natural that they may not have had to do any research on PVC safety prior to this. With such an important once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it’s crucial that you do your research and ask the right questions to ensure that there is no doubt left in your mind when you decide on the perfect materials for your backyard escape. While a homeowner may need to reconstruct a wooden deck and replace their decking numerous times within their lifetime, PVC deck …

Craft a Classic Deck

Craft a Classic PVC Deck

Beautiful weather and blue skies have arrived! What better weather to arrange for the perfect backyard escape with the best PVC decking available? It’s time to create a space that is ideally suited for both outdoor dinners, and treasured relaxing time at home.

Extending your home with functions and beauty

For the simply beautiful and timeless house that holds memories of loved ones or promises to hold cherished events and future gatherings, it may be time to consider extending your home to the outdoors. A backyard that reflects the essence of your home and adds both function and beauty can increase your enjoyment of your backyard paradise. Enjoy the outdoors …

Rustle Up a Rustic Deck

Rustle Up A Rustic Deck – TIVA Building Products

Dockside Series Dock BoardWith temperatures heating up, what better weather to arrange for the perfect lakeside deck or dock? Let’s create a space with the best PVC decking and best PVC dock decking that is available to create cottage country vibes or accommodate lakeside views.

Canada’s best PVC decking products

A rustic look is ideal for cozy homes that want to introduce rural charm to an urban setting or expand upon already-existing outdoorsy vibes. Whether you’re aiming for a wave-tossed and distressed dock, or a deck that flaunts an “I-woke-up-like-this attitude”, a backyard that reflects the essence of your home by adding function and beauty can increase your enjoyment of …

Outdoor Spaces That Resist Water

Outdoor Spaces That Resist Water

Spring is here, and many backyard deck projects are being fully realized at this time of year. From deciding on the best decking materials and creating a floor plan, to actualization and constructing a high-quality outdoor space, it’s important to keep in mind how your deck will protect itself all year round for decades or a lifetime to come. Something every outdoor space including backyard decks must contend with regardless of where you live, is its ability to weather condensation, moisture in the air, and precipitation of any form. Snow, hail, rain, fog, and morning dew all pose a long-term threat to the health and well-being of any outdoor structure. …

Tiva Deck PVC High End Decking

Enjoy the Rain on Your New Deck or Dock

Rain or Shine

Do you know how to take advantage of a rainy day on your deck? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably the most excited at the prospect of a warm and sunny day. However, spring is fast-approaching, and there are many things to enjoy during this rainy season as well. Let’s make the most of it by enjoying our time outside and soaking up the scenic sights that only a rainy day can provide!

Weather the Storm: PVC Deck vs. Composite Deck

Be prepared! When setting out to research the best outdoor decking materials for the highly anticipated backyard paradise, many homeowners forget about the less exciting …