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Trick or Treat! Don’t Lose Your Way in the Dark

Trick or Treat, Your Way to the Best PVC Decking

Happy Halloween – with a little preparation, you can make sure your TIVADEK is the best PVC decking for Halloween fun!

The night can be long, dark, and full of surprises. This goes double for a Halloween night. While some spooky encounters are must for this annual event, some surprises we can go without – sprained ankles, crying toddlers, and injuries small or large. We can keep our party-goers and costumed trick-or-treaters safe by taking some precautions and limiting surprises.

Tips to Keep your PVC Deck Boards Safe for Trick or Treaters

Line your pathways with gravel or sand

For a pathway leading up to your door, you may want to line your pathway with a thin layer of gravel or sand to prevent nasty slips and falls of excited trick-or-treaters. The addition of sand and gravel will help to provide traction for shoes that only be designed with aesthetics in mind, and for ground that may be more slippery than usual with dew and ice.

Salt PVC deck boards with fine salt

Even the best PVC decking can get slippery with ice or dew. Salt your PVC deck boards with a fine salt. The back of the package’s ingredient list should specify that it is sodium chloride. Avoid blue or other colours of ice melters, since these can leave unsightly stains on PVC deck boards and PVC dock decking. You will also want to avoid anything labeled as “Rock Salt” or any salt which contains rocks, sand, or gravel mixed in. Large chunks of rock salt and other material may scratch your PVC deck boards or PVC dock decking when walked on top of.

Light up the night!

Ensure that there is plenty of lighting available – whether it is fairy lights, spooky spot lights, or otherwise, now is the time to break them out. Make sure any walkways and structures such as your deck and patio are well lit.

And make sure your front door is clearly visible and welcoming. This is the goal destination for many tonight! To help direct foot traffic from wandering off in the wrong direction, use caution tape or rope or chains to block off unsafe or unlit areas. Weave them through your trees or fence posts to make sure passersby know to avoid the area.

Get Ready for Halloween Fun!

All that is left to do is set up some spooky jack-o-lanterns, a few bowls of dried fruits, peanut-free candies, and any other goodies that you wish to hand out. Try an assortment of raisins, milk chocolates, and glow bracelets for a selection that will please everyone!

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  1. Great Halloween safety tips for deck owners! The blog’s insightful advice ensures a fun and accident-free Halloween. Special thanks to the writer for sharing these valuable tips, contributing to a safer and enjoyable celebration on PVC decks. Happy Halloween!


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