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Which TIVADEK Series Colour Should You Choose?

Which TIVADEK Series Colour Should You Choose?

Customizing your backyard deck has never been easier than with TIVADEK PVC deck boards. Choosing a TIVADEK colour that speaks for you is just the beginning of creating your dream outdoor space. Our synthetic deck material is durable and stylish while providing a stable foundation for your deck. Whether youโ€™re looking for a sleek, classic or contemporary style, TIVADEK offers a range of colours to choose from.

The Architectural Series

Interested in a classic and elegant look? The Architectural Series offers rich and timeless TIVADEK colour that will compliment any home. Inspired by hardwood, the Architectural Series includes four colours: Walnut, Elmwood, Beechwood and Ebony. Walnut is a medium-toned rich brown colour. Elmwood is a cool-toned grey while Beechwood is a neutral taupe. Ebony is a washed deep grey that will ground any colours you incorporate with decor.

Any of these options will add a warm and cozy look to your backyard. Using a neutral colour allows for endless possibilities with lounge furniture and decor. These base colours are the perfect backdrop to accentuate your furnishings.

  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Walnut
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Elmwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Beechwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Ebony

The Designer Series

Our Designer Series includes six exclusive colours with a naturally inspired variegation patterns. Colours in this Series include Chestnut, Kingwood, Ironwood, Blackwood, Tigerwood and Ashwood.

Chestnut is a warm-toned neutral brown while Ironwood is a cooler toned brown that can easily be paired with brown or grey accents. For a dimensional darker brown shade, choose Kingwood. Tigerwood is a slightly more copper brown option. Blackwood is a cool washed black that is simple yet grounding. For those looking for something a little unexpected, Ashwood is a cool-toned grey with hints of blue and black that will look great with dark and light decor accents.

Depending on the look youโ€™re going for, adding patio furniture will make your space functional while also highlighting the deck colour. Adding similar toned-furniture will create a uniform look to the space while incorporating contrasting furniture will make your deck colour pop. Outdoor furniture is available in a variety of materials including wicker, wood and metal so you can express your personal style.

  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Tigerwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Kingwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Chestnut
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Ironwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Blackwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Ashwood

The Modern Series

Looking for a bold and edgy design? Birchwood and Charwood in the Modern Series are perfect for you. Birchwood is a solid eye-catching white, while Charwood is the only black PVC deck board on the market. Both of these options are excellent for a contemporary look to their space. These striking options will have the neighbours peeking over your fence asking for design help.

  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Birchwood
  • TIVA Deck PVC Deck Board Charwood

Canโ€™t decide between two colours? Get the best of both worlds and add another TIVADEK colour as the border to add some dimension to your stairs or platforms.

Whichever colour you choose, we want you to know that your backyard deck will last. TIVADEK PVC deck boards are covered by a limited lifetime warranty as well as a 50-year fade and stain warranty so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about spills or scratches.

Our deck boards have the added benefit of being UV protected and are suitable for harsh climates year-round. TIVADEK is moisture damage, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant. The only problem you have is choosing your colour!

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