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Winter deck maintenance to get your deack ready for winter

Preparing & Protecting Your Deck For Winter

The summer months have come and gone, with it soon will your ability to make use of your backyard deck. Summer can take a toll on your deck, with UV and incidental damage, and heavy use, but as winter approaches, a new set of issues can arise. If you have a PVC deck, you don’t have to worry about any damage because a PVC deck can withstand the elements and a lot of physical damage. If you have a deck made with other materials (natural or composite) you have reason to feel concerned. Before winter arrives, take advantage of fall by doing some preventative winter deck maintenance. By taking the time to protect your deck, you can ultimately prevent costly repairs once the weather warms and spring arrives next year. If your deck is made from natural wood or composite materials, consider the following tips for helping your deck make it through the winter season ahead.

Properly Store Planters & Patio Furniture

If you aren’t planning on using your deck over the winter months, you can remove and store patio furniture and planters in a shed or garage. This will help to limit the amount of moisture collecting and sitting where your furniture is touching the deck. Contact points like these are where mold, mildew and rot can occur. By taking these simple steps, you will be able to maximize airflow and minimize any environmental damage to your deck.

Clean Your Deck

Once you have removed planters and furniture, your next step should be to properly clean your deck and inspect for any mildew or damage in the process. Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris can build up in between your floorboards. In the winter months, the debris results in giving ice and snow a better chance to build up and trap moisture. Moisture can cause wood to rot and can even damage the structure of your deck. Inspecting your deck for mildew is crucial because besides looking unaesthetic, mildew can cause severe deck damage if left untreated. Examining your deck allows you to resolve any issues your deck may have and give you peace of mind going into winter.

Maintain Proper Snow Removal

When winter hits and the snow starts falling, make sure you are routinely clearing snow off of your deck to minimize any damage from prolonged exposure to snow and ice. If you live in an area that typically receives plenty of snow, avoid using a metal shovel. Use planks instead if you can to avoid scratching and scarring your deck. Finally, resist salting your deck. Depending on what materials your deck is composed of, salt and ice melt could ruin your deck finish.

The winter months can be a daunting time of year for homeowners, but if you build a deck made out of the best PVC decking materials, you can feel confident that your deck can face the elements and remain intact with minimal winter deck maintenance. 

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