About TIVA

Our Values

Why Work With Us?

TIVA Building Products developed and manufactured our own category of premium building products, designed with all stakeholders – distributors, contractors, and customers in mind.

  • We’re confident in our ability to deliver the best PVC decking, and as a result, people trust doing business with us.


  • We’re about good business tactics, high-quality premium products, and a people-first approach.


  • TIVA Building Products is your go-to premium supplier when building dream outdoor spaces. We come up with solutions that we want to use ourselves. 


  • Our reputation is backed by years of industry experience from all points of view –  distributors, retailers, installers, and customers.


  • Quality comes first, always.


TIVA Building Products is a Canadian, family run business dedicated to creating premium and innovative building products for dream outdoor spaces.

We’re known for our unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail, and unique designs. As an experienced distributor and retailer in the PVC decking industry, we were more than surprised when we were unable to find the best decking materials for our own outdoor spaces.

This realization inspired our company to create a new category of building products, focusing on creating the best PVC decking in the industry. 

We invested years in plastics research, development, and testing. 

We took time to focus on quality, performance, and features. 

And then we took more time to perfect them. 

The results were incredible. Premium, durable, and beautiful building products unlike anything else on the market. Today, products like TIVADEK and TIVADOK are changing the way people design and enjoy their outdoor spaces.

We’re proud of our people, our products, and our ongoing pursuit of better building solutions.


We work with great people and companies who share the same values.

  • Teamwork is how we work.
  • Everyone in the pipeline matters.
  • We take a people-first approach.
  • We respect our people, our channels, and our products.


We are always looking for a better way to do things.

  • Good enough is not in our vocabulary.
  • We are in the business of finding innovative and exceptional solutions.
  • We invest in our ideas.
  • We are creative.

We are Inspired

Extraordinary outdoor living spaces start with cutting edge materials.

  • We build products that we want to use ourselves.
  • We create premium products for dream outdoor spaces.


We believe in honesty and transparency.

    • We innovate, research, and design in North America.
    • We manufacture with our trusted partner in China.
    • We are honest and dependable.
    • We believe good business happens when relationships come first.

Quality Sets Us Apart

Quality service. Quality relationships. Quality products. 

  • When we say “top of the line” we mean it.
  • We will always pursue excellence.
  • We take the time to find the right solution.
  • When we find the right solution, we take more time to make it the best solution.

Our Trusted Partners

We’re proud to partner with great people who share the same values, appreciate high-quality products, and understand the premium building product market.

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