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Take Your Work Outside – Creating an Outdoor Office Space

While many companies have adapted to working from home models, finding the motivation to be productive while at home can be difficult, especially during sunny summer weather. Summer is short, so why not make the most out of the season by moving your workspace outdoors? Take advantage of the summer sun by moving your office to the backyard. You’ll be surprised by the benefits of your outdoor office.

Clear Your Mental Space 

Making this simple yet effective change can have many positive effects on your mood. Working in a new space will allow you to think more freely while enjoying the best of the season. Our physical spaces have a major effect on our mental wellbeing. A change of scenery has been proven to help boost productivity and creativity. Getting creative and utilizing all the spaces in your home is one way that you can change up your work from home routine. 

The Sunshine Vitamin 

Just by getting outside, you’re opening yourself up to the physical health benefits of being in nature. Spending time outside is proven to benefit your mental health and helps you get your dose of the “sunshine” vitamin, vitamin D. Sunlight releases serotonin which is an instant mood booster. The healing and restorative effects of being outside can help improve your overall quality of life. The timeless sayings are true; fresh air can help clear your lungs, give you energy and help you focus. 

Minimal Effort, Maximum Benefits 

The best part? Creating an outdoor office space is simple. Whether it be a backyard deck, patio or front deck, all you need is an area that you’re comfortable in. Depending on the furniture already available to you, moving your workstation to the patio table is the perfect work desk. Adding an umbrella can shade you from direct sunlight while you work. Bringing your office chair outside creates a comfortable and ergonomically suitable space. All that’s left is an extension cord to connect your electronics and you’re set for a productive and fulfilling day working from your outdoor office. Need a quick break? Recharge and get some physical activity by walking around the backyard. Bring out your favourite snacks and water to stay hydrated throughout the day. You’ll see how working from home doesn’t have to be as daunting as you once thought. 

If you don’t have a suitable outdoor office space already, now is the time to build one with TIVA building products. TIVADEK, our PVC decking materials are the perfect foundation for your backyard deck. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor workspace, an area to relax or entertain, TIVA products will look great and last through every season.  

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