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The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Companion: TIVADOG

What is a TIVADOG?

A TIVADOG is a dog that owns a TIVADEK or TIVADOK. Much like how one might initially purchase a chair or couch for themselves, only to have the household dog graciously accept the addition, you may find that your dog enjoys your space just as much as you do. This post is for all of the outdoor enthusiasts who want to create a relaxing escape outdoors – not just for themselves, but for their best friends as well! It’s no surprise that dogs love the comfort provided by a well-designed deck or dock. A comfortable place to play and relax outside with the people you care about is everything dogs really care about all rolled into one awesome thing. So let’s get started by listing the necessary considerations for creating a pet-friendly outdoor space.


Play and Scratch Resistance

Is the material durable? When you are selecting your deck board, keep in mind the resilience of the decking to scratches, scrapes, and scuffs. Looking for the best PVC decking that is scratch-resistant is a must, as dogs have thick and sometimes sharp nails. Just walking along the surface of a less-than appropriate decking surface could quickly result in unintentional scuffs and scratches! While all of TIVA’s PVC deck boards are scratch resistant, some are more scratch-resistant than others. Both the Classic and Weathered Wood embossments provide a scratch resistant surface. However, the Rustic embossment provides that coveted extreme resistance to scratches and scuffs for those who have larger or more enthusiastically active dogs. TIVADEK PVC deck boards are made with a scratch-resistant, colour-fade ASA capstock. With many different embossments and colours to choose from, TIDADEK PVC deck boards may just be the best PVC deck materials Canada has to offer.


Stress-Free Mess and Cleanliness

Dogs love to run, stretch, and play outside. This behaviour won’t change when you invite them on your TIVADEK, but that’s ok! TIVADEK is strong and durable enough to support rough-housing, and easy to clean up even after the messiest play-dates. Make the space more accommodating for your best bud by arranging for specific outdoor-friendly dog-safe products such as stoneware water dishes, and weather-proof storage for washable toys. For the dog that loves to swim, consider a TIVADOK’s PVC dock decking for your furry friend to jump off of and catch some sun on. Make some dog toys that float on water available for fetch, and other retrieving games. For the non-sporting dog, you can make a wide variety of options available for your furry couch-potato: stretching out in a ray of sun, laying in the shade on a fleece blanket, or relaxing in style with a lounge chair for his own use. Keep your dog hydrated and cool by providing them fresh water to drink and water-based popsicles made with some choice fruits or vegetables! By now, you can probably imagine your delighted doggie (now officially a fully converted TIVADOG) spilling water, tracking dirt and grime, slobbering, and shedding fur all over your gorgeous TIVADEK. Luckily, TIVADEK’s pet friendly characteristics don’t stop at being just scratch resistant. It’s easy to clean these types of messes off of your TIVADEK with a soft nylon scrub-brush or cloth, and some water. It doesn’t get easier than that!


Social Hour with the Pack: TIVADOG Time!

Your dog wants to be where you are, so keep that in mind while you design the layout of your space and deck. Create areas for the dog to stretch out where he can be near other people – yourself, and your guests. Fleece blankets are comfortable, warm, durable, and easy to throw into the washing machine. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, there are many weather-resistant dog-beds on the market! Keep a bowl of water nearby, so your fuzzy friend doesn’t have to travel far or choose between chilling with his pack and staying hydrated (ultra important). While you are organizing your space, ensure that your dog will have some shade available so that he doesn’t get heat stroke or a sun-burnt nose. This may mean that you allow him to sit among your guests, or provide additional shelter separate from the humans’ immediate sitting area. A pergola, gazebo, umbrella, or tree is an excellent example of a shade-providing structure you may want to consider when designing your layout.



TIVA Building Products is a Canadian based company. Striving to consistently offer the best PVC deck materials Canada has to offer, TIVA Building Products effectively innovates to create exciting decking solutions. If you are looking for the best PVC decking for your at-home escape, look for TIVADEK PVC deck boards and PVC dock decking. Your TIVADOG will love you for it!

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