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Craft a Classic Deck

Craft a Classic PVC Deck

Beautiful weather and blue skies have arrived! What better weather to arrange for the perfect backyard escape with the best PVC decking available? It’s time to create a space that is ideally suited for both outdoor dinners, and treasured relaxing time at home.

Extending your home with functions and beauty

For the simply beautiful and timeless house that holds memories of loved ones or promises to hold cherished events and future gatherings, it may be time to consider extending your home to the outdoors. A backyard that reflects the essence of your home and adds both function and beauty can increase your enjoyment of your backyard paradise. Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of home, and achieve that perfect blend of comfort and paradise with Canada’s best PVC decking: TIVADEK.

Deck oasis for your treasured home

Let’s get started planning the perfect Tiva deck oasis for your treasured home. TIVADEK is available in a variety of embossments, including a worn and distressed Weathered Wood, an accentuated Rustic emboss, as well as a timeless and realistic Classic emboss that is sure to be in favour for decades to come. There are many different textures and embossments to pick from when selecting the best PVC deck board for your type of project and individual style. If you are aiming for a classic and elegant Tiva deck that friends and family can fawn over for decades to come, you may be interested in TIVA’s Classic emboss. The Classic emboss best replicates the appearance and cut of a healthy and luxurious hardwood. Not only is the quality of these PVC deck boards easily noticeable and visually stunning, but it is also something that can be appreciated through the sense of touch as though it were true hardwood.

Luxury PVC deck boards with clever colour variegation

Once you’ve selected your emboss design, it’s time to pick a colour! The colours from the Architectural and Designer series work beautifully with easy, natural elegance as the theme. With realistic colours inspired by real hardwoods, the Architectural series just may be the best PVC deck boards available for replicating a look hand-picked from nature. For stunning takes inspired by nature, the Designer series adds a sense of luxury with clever colour variegation. With a variety of shades and colours to choose from, it’s easy to select the colour that suits you and your outdoor oasis best. Create a warm and welcoming tropical feel with warm or cool browns such as Walnut or Kingwood. Indulge in a more urban setting with trending greys such as Elmwood’s light grey, or Ashwood with a cool blue overtone. Whatever strikes your fancy, these PVC deck boards will outlast traditional decks with style and grace.

Stunning, elegant and rich accents

For a seamless design, keep your deck borders the same colour as the rest of your decking. For a bit of modern pop and edge, introduce a bold darker accent to your chosen colour. Consider opting for a rich blackened brown, or a luxurious dark grey. This can be used along borders, stairs, or risers for an elevated look. A contractor can help pair elegant lighting and railings for your classy set-up. Finally, make sure to grab a can of TIVACOAT to protect your substructure and ensure that your Tiva deck remains the stunning and elegant piece that it is.

While it can be difficult to choose the style of decking that’s right for you, TIVA Building Products is always striving to make that choice a little simpler by offering the best deck material to pick from. With new innovations around every corner, we are proud to consistently offer premium decking solutions. We aim to continue providing the most fabulous deck materials Canada has to offer, and can’t wait to be a part of your next big project or DIY.

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