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Prepping For a Deck Build

With the new year arriving and warm months around the corner, what better time to start thinking about a new deck build. It takes a lot of time and effort from the initial planning and design process all the way to actually implementing it and building your deck. This blog will give you tips on what to focus on when you are in the initial planning stages of your deck build.

Get Inspired Before Getting Started on Your Deck Build

Before you start building, you want to have a clear idea of what you are envisioning for your deck. You may be at the point of knowing you want a new outdoor space but aren’t yet exactly sure of the functionality or design aspects. Ask yourself if you want your deck to be an extension of your indoor living space, an entertainment space, or a durable deck by the pool. Getting these questions answered will help you with the next steps of your deck building process. For inspiration on deck builds or even some design ideas, check out both our gallery and our social media pages.

Get to Know Style & Design Tips

Once you have a better idea of what functionality you want your new deck to have, it is time to start the design process. Now is the time to refresh yourself on trendy design tips and be on the lookout for new products, colours, or deck ideas. Our blog touches on some design tips and trends that you may want to keep in mind when planning out your deck. Determine your colour schemes, whether it is rich, brown wooden tones or light grey colour schemes. This stage is also where you can plan whether you want a deck border, railings, or stair skirts.

Start Creating the Space for Your Deck Build

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can start organizing your space. There are some online deck design tools that allow you to digitally organize your space so you can determine if the layout is functional and practical for actual use. This can be extremely helpful to determine where you want to put deck stairs, railings, or any other deck features you may have in mind. You can also plan where you want to add in deck furniture, or some lighting features to spice up your deck. Planning it all out in advance will minimize the stress of the unknown and cause fewer issues when the installation process begins.

Start Building!

Now that you have everything planned out, contact a local contractor and begin building your deck. It is recommended that you get a contractor who has expertise with the brand or type of decking that you choose. If you’re interested in TIVA PVC decking products, reach out to us and we will be happy to connect you with a local team TIVA contractor. Start planning now and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful new deck come Spring!

Let us help you with redefining your outdoor living space. For more design information and the latest trends and tips, stay up to date by checking out our TIVA blog.

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