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What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

What Makes TIVADEK so Strong

At TIVA Building Products, we don’t opt for cheap, easy, or short-lived solutions when it comes to making the best PVC deck boards. We only use the highest quality materials, to make the strongest type of deck boards. This means that they are all ASA capstock covering a solid board made of 100% virgin PVC. After years of testing, we were able to release the best PVC deck material Canada has to offer to homeowners everywhere. A strong deck means a strong relaxation game and even less maintenance than a composite deck! With thick ASA capstock, higher quality materials, and industry-shattering innovations, you can count on TIVADEK for the highest quality building materials Canada has to offer.

Superior Protection From the Elements

For added strength and resistance to the elements, our PVC deck boards and PVC dock decking are covered with an ASA capstock. Unlike many competitors who cover 1 or 3 sides of their board, TIVADEK is covered on all 4 sides to allow for superior protection from the elements, as well as flexibility in aesthetic preferences. Our 100% ASA capstock is the secret to TIVADEK’s fade resistance. Long-term exposure to powerful UV rays used to cause extreme colour fade resulting in a white sheen on precious decking surfaces. But no more! First utilized in the automotive industry, ASA plastics have ensured that TIVADEK Decking will remain vibrant and stunning for sunny day after sunny day. With no more maintenance than perhaps wiping up the occasional juice spill with some warm soapy water, TIVADEK’s strong ASA capstock makes maintenance a cinch!

Lighter and More Cost-effective Boards

Not all plastics are the same. A common misunderstanding is that PVC deck boards and composites are equal; however, composite is made with a blend of plastic and natural wood fibers, allowing for splitting, warping, rotting, and mushrooming as time goes on. TIVA uses only 100% PVC, ensuring that your project will remain beautiful for decades to come. Another downfall of composite is the fact that many of them are made with reused materials. This means that one deck board may not be as strong as the next, even if it’s from the same brand and colour. At the end of the composite board’s life cycle, it is no longer recyclable. Virgin PVC deck boards on the other hand will maintain the same level of quality across each and every board, while allowing itself to be reused and recycled when you are done with your TIVA deck 50 years later (or longer). We have also taken into account the shape that most PVC deck boards are available in, and the shapes that provide the most support. A grooved or scalloped board is common in both composite and PVC deck boards. It allows for less material to be used while making the board lighter and more cost effective. At TIVA Building products we have remained wary of this approach, and instead only manufacture solid boards for PVC deck boards as well as PVC dock decking. Solid boards are stronger and less prone to warping. There is less opportunity for water to sit, and less opportunity for debris to gather in the crevices causing decay and mold.

Aluminum Insert Within the PVC Core

Are you building a crazy or extreme project that demands the toughest materials? Consider TIVA Building Products’ PVC dock decking with the Marine Series from TIVADOK. Our Marine Series consists of our only boards with a unique profile of 2” x 8” (still available in 16’ and 20’ lengths of course!) and an aluminum insert within the PVC core. These thick boards can span up to 32” O.C., and are fantastic for large dock projects.

While it can be difficult to choose the decking that’s right for you, TIVA Building Products is always striving to make that choice a little simpler by offering the best deck material to pick from. With new innovations around every corner, we are proud to consistently offer premium decking solutions. We aim to continue providing the most fabulous deck materials Canada has to offer, and can’t wait to be a part of your next big project or DIY.

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